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Why Choose Latinex

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

Personalized consulting tailored to your currency needs.

Fund Management
Fund Management

Bank interoperability with all Costa Rican national and international banks.

Swift Integration
Swift Integration

Able to easily exchange in foreign exchange markets.

Payment of Services
Payment of Services

Pay any utility bills easily with our 24/7 platform.

Payroll Automation
Payroll Automation

Schedule payroll payments system tailored to customer needs.

Card Issuance
Card Issuance

Debit card creation for purchase with any global vendor or provider.

Operation Processes

Latinex is a business that guarantees your assets being placed when you need to, in the coin that best suits your instructions and anywhere in the world. We are prepared to successfully compromise your transactions using the IBAN migration world code.

Our agents offer a highly qualified and exclusively dedicated 24/7 BPO for your business.


Each basic operation process triggers a mechanism initiated by requesting the client’s instructions regarding money exchange.


After a strict validation process and a quick study of the assets origin, Latinex and the Client are ready to proceed.


The money exchange takes place.


Once the transaction is generated the funds will be oriented according to instructions and negotiations with clients.


Transactions are verified and ratified with the Client.

Payment Methods


Exchange Mechanisms

Types of Operations

  1. As soon as it registers, Latinex processes transactions from anywhere in the world meeting the client’s instructions and requirements.
  2. Latinex carries out the foreign exchange requested by the client, or negotiates it in international markets.
  3. Latinex can send the funds of the transaction to any payment or service required by the client.
  4. Transaction is completed and depending on each operation’s nature correspondent charges automatically take place.

Inter-Bank Operations

  1. Funds are moved between bank accounts enabling the foreign exchange automatically.
  2. The transaction takes place from the Client’s accounts and it’s redirected following clients instructions.
  3. The Client benefits directly from this service obtaining better, highly competitive exchange rates without any additional cost.

Legal Framework

Latinex is a regulated entity supervised by the Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras (SUGEF), complying with all local and international regulations regarding illegal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist activities funding.

In addition we are registered supporters of Sistema Nacional de Pagos Electrónicos (SINPE) del Banco Central de Costa Rica allowing accurate, swift and volume of transactions, either locally or internationally.

Our History

Latin American Exchange (Latinex), Casa de Cambio S.A., is a leading dynamic financial entity with a wide experience in business exchange trade. We are a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of foreign exchange as a primary business model.

More than an exchange house, we are a business dedicated to the immediacy of transaction, easing productive management of your assets; and only business with the capability of exchanging assets with any kind of coin to any place in the world.


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